About Us


SPRJ Projects Pvt Ltd focused on construction and development of core infrastructure projects in the hydel Power and water resource sectors, Roads & Bridges, Expressways, among others. SPRJ has recently diversified into urban infrastructure Projects and SPRJ also Takes up projects on EPC/Turnkey basis.

Our Company

SPRJ has been at the forefront of deploying the latest technology and state of the art construction equipment to enable efficient execution of projects. SPRJ has in its fleet several varieties of Earth Moving, Road Construction, Tunneling, Drilling, piling, Roads & Bridges, Expressways, and Transport equipment etc.

SPRJ’s highly experienced in-house mechanical engineering team with the support of our vendors ensures that all our plants and equipment operate at optimal efficiency. The entire life cycle of the equipment including procurement, commissioning, operations & maintenance, and redeployment is managed effectively in order to ensure high productivity resulting in quality construction completed ahead of schedule.


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