Shortly after shedding crazy about Rentarou, she finds his novel body a perfect unit to rehearse on the

Shortly after shedding crazy about Rentarou, she finds his novel body a perfect unit to rehearse on the

Kakure Meme [ ]

Rentarou’s eleventh girlfriend. Meme are a diminishing violet girl exactly who goes out out of her solution to end up being a beneficial “records profile”. She knits short plushies since an interest. Whenever stressed or ashamed, Meme tend to abruptly fade away right away and you may toss among these types of plushies in which she is actually updates as a way regarding misdirection whenever you are she hides someplace close. Their particular family relations label, Kakure, is actually a good pun to the Japanese term “to full cover up” (??).

Iin Chiyo [ ]

Rentarou’s 12th girlfriend along with his junior senior school old relative. She’s extreme tidiness tendencies which results in their own providing thus enraged when something try unpleasant otherwise careless one to she’s got so you can intervene klikkaa lukea and you can right all of them. She is the class president off their own category thus, but secretly detests the highest expectations it put-on their unique. If the she seems to lose their particular cups, their unique nervousness was instantly put out and you may she becomes a weeping clutter. If you’re Rentarou had their bookings against relationship his relative, despite understanding the fate she’d has when the he did not accept her, he relented immediately following watching their own honest, sheer confession. Their unique father (and only mother or father) Hiro, Rentarou’s sibling, approves off her experience of him once an early Rentarou once pushed him from a speeding vehicle, believing Rentarou are an informed boy in the world since a consequence. Their own name’s a pun to your Japanese word to have an excellent president/direct committee president, iinchou (???).

Yamato Nadeshiko [ ]

Rentarou’s thirteenth girlfriend. Nadeshiko is an exchange teacher whom will get the fresh new Japanese teacher on their school. She states end up being American, but in reality she actually is a natural-blooded Japanese that is merely enthusiastic about The usa. Just like the an infant, their moms and dads forced their unique to understand and you may maintain this new actions regarding an actual Japanese woman, heading so far as securing their in a good storeroom when she made problems. On one occasion, she discovered a western flick, and you may through to watching it, turned very motivated because of the versatility American youngsters have been allowed opposed so you can her very own upbringing that she began modeling their particular whole life and you can label after they, hence resulted in her moms and dads disowning her. She would rather end up being entitled Naddy. Their own title ironically makes reference to Yamato Nadeshiko, the fresh new personification away from a keen idealized Japanese lady.

Yasashiki Yamame [ ]

Rentarou’s fourteenth girlfriend. Yamame was larger and you will tall than just Rentarou’s most other girlfriends, it is demonstrated by the Rentarou as the a smooth heart whom enjoys characteristics. Yamame try Iku’s classmate and you will a member of the latest school’s garden club which can be very caring to all forms of characteristics. Possibly the weeds one to grow regarding the yard are considered beloved because of the their and she actually generated the backyard town just for weeds. Within her youngsters, she accustomed dislike their unique highest muscles, however, once permitting a child bird returning to their nest, she became proud of it since she can include and help aside character. In her previous, she observed an untamed flame and you may arranged pyrophobia because the eg fires kill plant life and you may pet. Immediately following Rentarou safe Yamame out of a fire comically created by the latest school’s vice principal, she admitted her emotions in order to Rentarou as it are the initial go out anyone got ever safe their unique. Their particular family relations term has got the pun for Reducing, Sashiki(???) along with her given title literally mode Mountain Lady, discussing their level.

Momi Momiji [ ]

Rentarou’s 15th girlfriend. Momiji try Kurumi’s classmate and you can a skilled masseuse. Their own massages sets their own readers towards your state of tall satisfaction, though this is likely because of her handsy nature, stating that she keeps brand new “softness” of an effective female’s muscles. Her fantasy will be to become a well-known masseuse and you will physically massage gravure designs. Their unique name’s a pun toward Japanese phrase having therapeutic massage, “momimomi”.

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